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Speaker Boehner Should Be Charged With Treason

Douglas Reiter - 02/03/2013 13:56 CST

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, United States

Speaker John Boehner should be arrested for Treason against the United States. He has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of The United States, in reality he has done the complete opposite. Ever since he has been the Speaker the credit rating of the United States has been lowered, the economy in near collapse and struggling to recover. His efforts to negotiate with President Obama can only be described as worthless. He has not made an honest effort to serve All the people, just a few of his friends.  Now with another deadline passed it is painfully obvious to anyone one that John Boehner serves John Boehner and what is good for him.

He would like to see the United States default on its debt and would like to see thousands lose their jobs (except his). Millions on Social Security to lose their ability to pay their bill, but life will go on for John Boehner, he will be able to pay his bills and buy food, but he couldn't care less about the millions who are suffering because of his arrogance. To be fair it's not only Speaker Boehner who is at fault, but he is the one who needs to answer for the inaction of congress. Congress, once a proud institution has become an institution that I would never want to be a part of.

So near the end of this month, again Speaker Boehner will again stand before television cameras and microphones (where he seems to be at home) not offering solutions, but as he has in the past, offering excuses and placing the blame on others.

Mr. Speaker, it's time for you to return to Ohio, too bad for Ohio, but it is better for one state to suffer with you than a whole nation to continue to suffer at your hands.